Saturday, August 7, 2010

Philippians 1:3

I thank my God for all the memories I have of you. Philippians 1:3

It’s hard to believe it has now been 10 years since my Big Daddy left his earthly home. I think about him every day and miss him dearly. So much has changed since he left us. Since his passing I have had many experiences that have made me think, “I wish Big Daddy could be here to see this”.

Just to share a few….

Big Daddy was a big golfer and loved to take me to play golf. I’ll never forget him taking my Dad and I to his favorite course….Stoney Mountain. It could quite possibly be the worse course I have ever played. But, that was the thing about my Big him it was no different than Pebble Beach. Anyway, we went and played. As usual, he was decked out in his plaid pants and played with his bright orange ball. Even though the course was horrendous, I can honestly say it’s a round I will never forget because I knew how much he enjoyed our golfing days and how much he loved showing his buddies that his granddaughter could play golf (he thought I was a lot better than I actually was). He began getting sick during my first semester in college and died the summer after my freshman year . So, he never got to see me play college golf. I know he would have loved that. Although he was unable to be there like he was during my high school tournaments, I know he was always looking down on me in college and didn’t miss a shot.

I also wish Big Daddy would have been able to meet Jeff. Not just because he’s my husband but mainly because they were so much alike and had a lot in common. Both are huge Bama Fans. Big Daddy would have loved to be able to talk football with Jeff. They both also have about the same amount of patience…which is not a lot. They both like to be the first person to arrive everywhere we go. They are also the only two people I have ever known that do not have a food they dislike. They both love everything. I know they would have gotten along very well. I am sure most of their conversations would revolve around Nick Saban, the National Title Game, and they would probably be counting down the days until football season begins.

And finally I really wish he would have been able to meet the rest of his great-grandchildren. When he passed, he had 4 great-grandchildren. Now, he has 10. I often think about what it would have been like to tell him we were expecting twins. He would have thought that was so neat. He loved his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren all so much. I wish Libby and Logan would have been able to know him. They would have loved him as well. I’m sure he was smiling in heaven when Jeff put those first Bama t-shirts on their little bodies!

Big Daddy was a great man and loved by many. In a couple weeks, the whole Elmore clan will head to Athens to watch the football field where he coached, be named Ferman Elmore Field. Wow! What an honor! We are all excited and proud. I wish he was here to see this as well. We miss you Big Daddy and look forward to the day we will meet again!

Here is the link to the article about the field dedication:


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