Friday, January 7, 2011

Trip to ER, Stomach Virus, and Christmas Fun

We started off our Christmas Celebration with a trip to the ER on the Wednesday before Christmas. We were getting the girls ready for bed when Jeff noticed that Libby had something in her mouth. We held her down and discovered that she had a googley eye stuck in the roof of her mouth. She wasn't really complaining and we hadn't notice a change in her behavior. I guess it wasn't really bothering her. I tried to get it out but then she had a fit! Then, I got scared we would knock it down her throat in the process of trying to get it out. So....we just decided to take her to the ER. Grandpa and Uncle Michael came over to watch Logan. It was my first ER experience (and I hope my last) and it was not pleasant. We waiting in the front waiting room for about an hour. Then they moved us to another waiting room with one other family. They were also there with a toddler. We waited there for an hour! Then, we finally get into a room and wait for awhile. The doctor comes in and says, "So...she has an eyeball in her mouth??" If he thought that was true, we should have been at the top of the waiting list instead of the bottom. Libby let him look and he shared our concern....didn't want to let it to go down her throat. He left and came back with four nurses. YES....FOUR nurses. He had them (and Jeff) all hold her down and asked me to stand over her where she could see me. He wanted me to talk to her and calm her down. I wanted to say "I'll do that if you can get someone to talk to me and calm me down." Bless her heart she was scared to death. She did get still and he reached in with some little tool and pulled it out with ease! Thank the Lord!  We survived another crisis! Here is a picture of the googly eye that the little booger put in her mouth:
We had a great Christmas Eve dinner at our house. The girls got to open their Christmas P.J.'s.
We read the Christmas Story from their Bible. They liked pointing to Baby Jesus. We put them to bed, went to bed ourselves, and then I woke up an hour later with THE STOMACH VIRUS. I threw up about every hour all night long. It was terrible. We had planned to have Jeff's family over Christmas morning for breakfast. Jeff got up with me at 6 and I was still throwing up. I had to sit in a chair in the kitchen and tell him how to make everything. I helped a little but every time I stood....I just got dizzy. Jeff did a great job. He make monkey bread, 2 breakfast pizzas, and garlic cheese grits. I would say it was good but I had one small plate and it didn't work out well. It was definitely better going down than coming up! Good times! Anyway, the girls woke up around 7:30 and came out to see what Santa brought them. They immediately started playing with their  new baby dolls. They loved them and they were so excited. I spent most of the morning on the couch. Logan kept coming over to me and saying "Mama..Night Night!"

They really had a great Christmas. They got WAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY  too much! But that's ok. It was so fun watching them open things even though I felt bad. Here are some pictures from the day:
Libby loves to slide!
New P.J.'s from Aunt Vicky!
Logan loves to swing!

Best Buds!

Tea Party with Uncle Michael

Playing with our new kitchen!
Christmas Eve Pajamas
Opening presents on Christmas morning!
more presents...
Where is Logan????

There she is!!!!!
Talking on her Cell!
Libby and Logan with their babies. Logan named her baby, "Baby". Libby named her baby, "Bibby"!
Logan learned to get on the table!!! I am not too excited about this!
Logan putting her baby to bed!
The girls with their babies!
Logan putting the hat on her baby!
Not sure what Libby is doing to her baby......
Time to feed baby..
Baby needs  a kiss!
Giving baby a drink!
We hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas. Best wishes to all of you in 2011!


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