Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer Fun has been quite awhile since I have updated the ole blog. Summer came and I thought I would have more time. Yeah right! I seem to have less time. I have been waiting all year to spend the summer with my girls. Here's what we have been up to since my last post. On Memorial Day weekend we headed to Tennessee to see my sis and her family. I love my sister so much and just do not get to see her as much as I would like to. We (including 4 kids...all 3 years old and under) went to eat at Gondolier. It's a really good Italian place. The girls loved the bread sticks. They also went to town on a cheese pizza. Unfortunately, the table was a mess when we left. The floor was just covered in food. I felt sorry for the poor guy that had to clean it up. Although, I do it everyday in my own kitchen....why can't they just get the food in their little mouths??? It was really fun watching the four kids play together. They played quite well together...very few fights. Before we left, we tried very hard to get a picture of the four of them. Easier said than done! As you will see in the pictures below, Logan was not cooperating and we never really got a great shot. It was fun trying though... Take One Take Two Take Three Take Four And Libby decides she's had enough and says, "See ya!" Before we left, Madison came out of the house in her winter hat. She is such a nut. I just like watching her to see what she'll do next. Apparently, Libby was wondering what was up with the hat too!! When we got back to Bham, Grandpa (Jeff's Dad) came over and cooked us a Memorial Day dinner. Here's a picture of the girls waiting by the door for the food to come off the grill. I have loved being home everyday with the girls. I love playing with them, watching them play together, and seeing them learn new things. Logan has a new hiding place. This is one place she goes when she has something she knows she shouldn't have. For example, notice the Netflix package she has in the picture. The girls also have a new favorite TV show....Mickey Mouse Club House. I have to say it's pretty cute. They love the opening of the show because of the music. They have become quite the dancers. I tried to capture them watching the show. They get so excited. This particular day, Libby wasn't feeling it and Logan quit dancing when she noticed I had the camera. I'll try to capture it again. It really cracks us up!


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