Saturday, May 1, 2010

Best Buds!

If I could take the time I spend getting Logan out of trouble and use it to update my blog, I would have way more updates than I have now. That one is a….MESS! It seems like every day she discovers something new that interests her. We have had to clear off our end was only a matter of time. She is now saying “Ma Ma” and “Da Da” and took 5 steps by herself today. Not only is she learning to walk but also learning to climb. The child has NO FEAR! She has made my heart stop on more than one occasion. She is such a sweet girl though. So happy and she sure does love that little sister of hers…

Now more about my sweet (and calm) Libby. Libby is so different. She has really always let Logan walk all over her (literally). BUT….things are starting to change. She is trying to take up for herself more when Logan takes her toys. Although, Jeff did tell me that this morning he was holding both of them and Logan tried to push Libby off his lap. They do get jealous from time to time!We have had to separate what looks like a wrestling match a couple of times now. Libby is holding her own. She is a mama’s girl though and knows how to use those tears. If you ask her Uncle Chris, he would probably say she gets that from her Mama! I guess it’s something about being the baby of the family. You just learn how to make mom and dad think you are constantly being picked on…I was pretty good at that too! :)Sorry Chris!

I can’t express how much fun these two girls have been over the past year. I say this every couple of months but this age really is just the best! They are developing personalities and becoming little people. If you know me at all, you know that I can be rather emotional at times. Anyway, I was driving in the car the other day and heard the song, “I Loved Her First”. It should be the second song on my playlist. I have heard this song a million times. It has always made me think of my dad. However, this time when I heard it I just thought of my sweet girls and how they are growing up TOO fast. I already dread the day Jeff walks them down the aisle. I just cried all the way home. I know…ridiculous! I will say that I am glad we are not where we were a year ago. This time last year we were spending every day and night at the hospital. I’ll never forget my mom and I getting so excited the night they reached 4 pounds. It’s hard to believe those teeny tiny babies are 1 and almost walking around this house. So, thanks to all of you that prayed for our girls then and are continuing to pray for our girls now. We are so blessed and grateful!


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