Saturday, March 13, 2010

Update on "The Girls"....

Libby and Logan are both growing so fast. It seems like every day they learn to do something new. I thought I would take a minute to tell you about each of our sweet girls.
Logan is the oldest and the best way I know to describe her is with the phrase—on the move. She is always on the go. She was always moving when I was pregnant. I felt her all the time. I would go for ultrasounds and they would have the hardest time getting a good shot of her face. They would always comment on how active Baby A was. Things haven’t changed much. She plays HARD. She loves her toys but moves from one toy to the next very quickly. She can’t sit still. In case you haven’t figured it out…she is very much like her father. Logan loves to laugh and smile. Her daddy cracks her up. She just cackles when he does something silly. She loves to make her little sister laugh too. She gets so tickled when she makes Libby smile. She can be quite the entertainer. She has no fear when it comes to crawling on things. She learned to pull up the day after she started crawling. She tries to climb on everything. She can be quite the dare devil. I can assure you that she gets that from Jeff….not me. Logan is definitely the dominant twin. She steals toys from Libby, tramples over her trying to get somewhere, and has been known to do a lot of taunting when it comes to something she thinks Libby might like. Logan is a very sweet girl. She is a little more outgoing and loves to watch anything going on around her. She loves to go strolling but is not allowed to ride in the front. She pulls to many things off the racks when we go shopping. She has a few little nicknames. I call her Lo-Lo and Jeff calls her Logma. Her middle name is Mae so he combined the two…I don’t know where he gets these ideas. Her cousin Madyson affectionately calls her “Wogie”. Too cute!
Libby was born 9 minutes after Logan. If I had to describe her with a phrase, I would say “laid back”. She was also like this when I was pregnant. She hardly ever moved. They would always tell me that she was curled up in a ball and didn’t seem to have much room to move. Of course, that could be because her older sister was taking up too much room doing her flips. Libby also loves to play but does so in a different way. She can sit for an hour and play with one little toy. Jeff bought them some little colorful balls. She loves them and loves to hold one in each hand. She also loves her little people. She does a lot of watching. She watches Logan get into stuff and doesn’t really involved. I’m sure one day she’ll do a lot of tattle telling on Logan. Libby is so sweet but can be very shy. She has been known to cry when meeting new people. She can be very tenderhearted at times. She doesn’t mind when Logan takes her toys and knocks her over. She just seems to take everything in stride. She has not yet learned to pull up but crawls everywhere. She also loves to stroll and always gets “shotgun” since her sis is not trusted in the front! Libby loves books. She will listen to Jeff read to her for hours. (Unlike her sister, who can’t sit still long enough for a story) She also has a few nicknames. I call her Libster and Jeff calls her Libmar….as you might have’s a combination of Libby and Marie. Anyway, cousin Madyson calls her Bibby! Latley, we have been calling her "Peg-leg". I'm sure my mom will not like this one. She loves her little toys so much that she doesn't want to drop them when she crawls. So she has mastered the one hand crawl which looks much like a little funny! :)

Anyways, just thought some of you would like to get to know “Wogie” and “Bibby” a little more. They are both very sweet girls and really don’t cry a lot. They are at that age where they can get frustrated easily. Mostly when their toys don’t work the way they want them to. God has definitely blessed us with two amazing little people. We can’t wait to watch them grow and see what God has planned for them!


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